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Slash Challenge RPG
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SlashRP is a brought back from the dead Livejournal-based Harry Potter slash RP. It lived throughout the months of October to December, with hundreds of posts, comments, and nearly half a hundred members. SlashRP was closed for no reason, honestly, it just occured one sad afternoon, and ever since then, members have wondered why, and many have even missed

And after some time, and well thoughout planning, it is back.

SlashRP currently takes place during the summer after Harry's 6th Year. It is a day-by-day RP, thus meaning, if the day in July 12th, the RP is dated July 12th. While that may seem slow and tiring, especially having to deal with a whole year through, it makes great precision to plot and makes everything go much, much deeper. Thus meaning, this RP is for the patient only; but from fellow members from the earlier version of SlashRP, it is one of the best RP's every created. It is VERY active, very user-friendly, and everyone enjoys RPing with you.

Speaking of RPing, how you do so in this RP is through a webchat interface such as Aol Instant Messanger and IM!Yahoo. Roleplaying is not done through emails, but through talking to each other, one one one. An example of how one would RP, or rather, should RP is displayed below.

Morsmodere: "Not a simpleton... just easier to understand." He placed his gloved hand under Harry's chin, to make sure he did not break eye contact. "You youths make this so difficult for me, and I honestly hope you don't do this intentionally.

Rewrite a novel: Harry shook his head and moved back, pressing his head into the others shoulder. "I.. Need to go write some owls, and figure out some things." Harry murmured, sighing softly. "Thank you for talking to me."

Morsmodere: He raised his hands to Harry's shoulder, then pressed a soft, fatherly kiss into the boy's hair, "Take care. I must go and find my son."

Rewrite a novel: Harry nodded and closed his eyes, squeezing once more but pulling away. "Take care of him, he needs you." Harry whispered and nodded. "You.. be careful too."

As you can see from the above, each player takes turns building onto a story. Some may RP a line or two, while others may go into details of a few paragraphs back and forth. You should discuss with the person you're RPing with beforehand so you get a taste of what's agreeable in the scene. That is a must, unless you are used to RPing with a person before, you should always discuss how you wish to RP, and what kind of scene you are RPing.

Now that you understand how players in SlashRP actually Roleplay, let's go into the background of SlashRP, or rather, the storyline.

Before we left SlashRP back in mid-December, we left with a confusing scene where relationships were budding and ending. However, for this new RP, we are allowing each character to pick up the pieces where he or she left off, and rearrange with one another how they'd like to start off this new term. And in this new term, as you can obviously see, we are starting in the summer.. which brings us to some exciting events.


SummerTime at Hogwarts :: As you all know, students do not attend school during summer, but as a special convience for those who will be seventh years, a trip has been set up for them. Now, you might think that be a bit odd and uncanon, but what could be more exciting then having the group of Hogwarts students visit the Americanized Bahama's for the summer? Really. It's much more then Bars, drinking, shagging, and partying -- they are now forbidden to do magic (since they are in the Muggle World), and there seems to be some slippery Death Eater missions going on.

However, with Lucius chaperoning the trip, along with the muchly sunburned Albus Dumbledore and hidden-behind-sunglasses Severus Snape, nothing is on the minds of these students besides having fun on such a trip, and maybe hooking up with a special someone every now and then.

The Summertime Scene will run from June 1st, 2004 until August 15th, 2004, in which case, a new scene will be plotted for the students seventh year at school. However, during the Summertime scene, all characters are welcome to RP, but only those seventh years, and the listed teachers are actually on the Islands of the Bahama's, and they may only interact with each other.


1. You may only control one character at one time; thus meaning, you can only RP with one character and one journal -- only members approved may have two.

2. As stated before, this community and this RPG is based around slash, which means, male/male, and female/female relationships. Thus meaning, if you don't like homosexuality, you should really, really leave before we blind you by it.

3. I ask that if you are to post a NC17 or R rated post, even in your personal journal, that your LJ-cut it to respect readers.

4 This RP is not all based around relationships and love -- of coarse, for any RP to be good, there must be a healthy dose of action, adventure, and drama.

5. You cannot post for any other character, or control them -- they are a players own. Thus meaning, you may not force a player into making their character do anything -- that's up to them. If you find someone doing this, or feel pressured by another member, tell a mod immediatly.

6. Your character must have a Livejournal. They're free to make. Simple as that. And your character must post regularly. LIke, a good twice a week. Why? Because we like to read that stuff.

7. Post owls to the main community, slash_rp, with a lj-cut before it reading 'owl to [whoever]. It's been that way for ages, we're not changing that, sorry.

8. 16 and older only, sorry.


Send an email to sabbie@muse-wanted.com with a request to join. Please include the character you want, and you RPing history; as well as a list of other RP's you in, and a little about yourself. We'll get back to you within 2-3 days.


Harry James Potter . boy_who_lives
Albus Dumbledore . tea_and_candy
Lucius Malfoy . morsmodere
Draco Malfoy . teh_draco
Amara Jugson . bloody_curses
Remus Lupin . werewolf_tears
Seamus Finnigan . kestrals_fan
Cho Chang . ravenclawskr
Lavender Brown . seer_lavender
Rodolphus (Jesse) Lestrange . rudolfus_lestra
Percy Weasley . ignatius_percy
Walden Macnair . waldenmacnair
Tancred Bole . tancred_bole
Sirius Black . siriuslysexy
Blaise Zabini . blaising_son
Narcissa Black-Malfoy . lady_cissa_m
Severus Snape . snapeliscious
Regulus Black . brat_of_black
Lord Voldemort . adarkriddle

Molly Weasley
Rubeus Hagrid
Bellatrix Lestrange
Arabella Figg
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